Transforming words into a striking visual message.

A visual blog to express and share ideas, opinions, commentaries, rave and rants thru the use of creative typography. Words are treated as a visual element to convey a simple yet compelling and captivating messages.

Check out our initial collection of visual text messages below.



Magnified intake…



I used to hate the Metro for its long…



Guess who really makes the big decision…



Who’s to blame for all these nonsense?



I wish our ideas are always…



Which one should dominate?



My generic greeting.



I didn’t mean to make you cry…



Feasted on an all-you-can-eat buffet, feel like a bloated fat ass.



Went to bed early last night.



Cast your burdens upon me, those who are heavily laden.



How long will Bieber Fever last? hope it’ll soon…



Speak clearly, communicate effectively and get rid of my…



Gadhafi is out, after 42 years they took charge.



Can’t think of a bright idea until suddenly…



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About VTP

A daily updated graphic design blog – posting words rendered to an eye-catching visual messages. Founded in 2011 by Dubai based graphic designers and visual artist whose primary objective is to create a channel for visual artist to express their views and ideas thru the use of creative typography. By transforming words into a captivating visual message, they created a style of messaging combined with introductory captions to deliver idea in a more simple yet compelling visual message.

3 responses to “Transforming words into a striking visual message.”

  1. rene says :

    “Transforming words into a striking visual message.” But is it a word a message itself? Or isn’t… That’s a question.

    • VTP says :

      Yes indeed, word is a message itself and it can have a visual meaning which we do by tweaking the form to make it visually striking. Plain text has its vocabulary meaning but visually you can make it more interesting and see letters beyond their dull, practical functionality.

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