Got a visual text that you would like to share?

Your contributions are always welcome. Send us your design messages, just make sure it follows the VTP Manifesto written below. Or post a message on our Facebook page.

We are giving away a limited edition Visual Text Project t-shirts for the messages that will be liked best.

What are you waiting for, make your message visual!

Send us an email
Visit our website:

1. Message should be an original idea.
2. Use only English words or universally known terminology.
3. Minimize graphic elements, emphasis should be on the text.
4. Only use one to two words per message.
5. Include a caption related to the visual text.
6. Use black text on white background or white text on black background.
7. Use color gray to highlight a particular letter or word, do not use any other color.
8. Make sure the words are readable, preferably use a simple sans serif fonts.


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